Why should you automatize couponing?

How are you getting your deals?

Do you visit coupon sites such as Groupon and RetailMeNot the second you turn on your laptop every day to check if there are new deals? Do you hop across dozens of coupon blogs, and swim through disorganized coupon posts and databases, hoping to find your needle in a haystack?

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Or do you stay active on FB all the time and anxiously/compulsively waiting for deals notification from more than 20 Groups that you’ve joined? Have you ever considered that the time you have spent to get those coupons could be otherwise employed to make much more money than what you have saved?

Facebook notifications


And if you look back and examine all those deals you got with coupons, aren’t there some stuff sitting quietly at the bottom of your drawer that you wish you hadn’t bought because you’ve never used them at all?

If you have experienced any of these pains, then it’s high time you should automatize your couponing undertakings, as many among us who wish to exploit the benefits but avoid the hassle of couponing have done. Proper automatization of couponing could relieve you of all the inconveniences mentioned above and will revolutionize your online purchasing pattern in such a way that you’ll barely be conscious about couponing while coupons and codes are being automatically applied to your orders.

A robot automitizing process


This means that you don’t have to spend so much time being nervous and irritated on those coupon sites and coupon blogs, that you don’t have to get jumpy every time an FB notification pops up on your phone for fear of missing a deal, and that since you’re only shopping for what you need and getting deals for them, you won’t have to pay for a collection of useless items, however cheap they may be.

Sure, this diminishes some of the fun and excitement you get from “clipping” coupons, but isn’t it better to know for a fact that you are getting the best deal every time whether or not you are actively searching for coupons?

Now that we are done with why we should automatize couponing, let’s delve into the how-to. There are a couple of ways to do this. And to make it simple, we just limit our field of discussion to Amazon.


  1. Amazon Assistant

If you are going to find coupons on Amazon, what will do a better job than something Amazon? The Amazon’s official browser extension helps you make better decisions by providing the latest, the most comprehensive, and valid deals information. Developed and maintained by Amazon, it naturally has a distinct and unchallengeable advantage in scraping the whole site for intelligence and processing and presenting them with high accuracy and notable user-friendliness. Below are some of its features:

You’ll be able to compare products while browsing as Assistant proactively shows you Amazon’s best offer and ratings for products you are browsing online.

Amazon Assitant compares products


You’ll never miss out on an Amazon deal as you’ll be notified when deals you’re watching go live.

Amazon Assistant sends deals notifications


You’ll get Amazon order updates with one click and Assistant will notify you when your orders ship and are delivered.

Amazon Assistant gives you updates


You are able to save all your online favorites in one place as your lists keep track of products from Amazon and other websites in one convenient place.

But wait, why are we continuing this topic if Amazon Assistant is going to offer the perfect solution to our problems? Why hasn’t everyone already installed it? Why, because it doesn’t offer the best solution. There is one point that most people would miss when it comes to Amazon coupons.

Yes, Amazon Assistant probably finds you deals for more items than any other options, and it certainly does make a huge step forward in automatization of your shopping and couponing process, but this doesn’t mean that the discounts it gets you are the best, nor that things couldn’t get easier when it comes to shopping on Amazon.

The best is yet to come


And here is why. Amazon sellers do post some good deals on Amazon, such as those you’ll find in Lightning Deals, but this doesn’t mean that those are the best the Amazon sellers can offer. Absurd discounts are sometimes prohibited in Amazon for fear of a price war, the which regulation often forces sellers to promote their deals through other channels, which is why there are so many Amazon affiliate programs, and which is also why I am introducing to you a second Chrome extension that fixes the problem Amazon Assistant poses.


  1. Dealgogogo Chrome extension

Dealgogogo offers what Amazon Assistant doesn’t.

Currently with over 400,000 coupons in its coupon database, though Dealgogogo couldn’t outperform with Amazon Assistant in terms of the scope and number of deals, it, however, does provide the depth that Amazon Assistant is found seriously lacking.

Breadth and depth


By depth, I mean the quality of coupons and the level of automatization.

Dealgogogo acquires all of its over 400,000 coupon codes from Amazon sellers directly, who exchange the best type of codes for the promotion and exposure Dealgogogo offers. That’s why you often find coupons that offer 50-90% discount on Dealgogogo.

Those absurdly high discounts are certainly ice-breaking promotion strategies, but it doesn’t mean consumers can’t benefit from them. Rather, those who have downloaded the Dealgogogo Chrome extension have been taking advantage of the deep discounts it found for them on a daily basis. And when you take into consideration the 400,000 quality coupon codes that save 30% on average, it’ll be a good place to start racking up some serious savings.

Save big money

Compared with other traditional deals websites, Dealgogogo brings automatization to a new level. You not only no longer need to surf through piles of deals, but you don’t have to leave Amazon.com at all. After you’ve installed the Chrome extension, all you have to do is to shop on Amazon as usual and let the deals come to you.

Let’s say you are buying a laptop backpack on Amazon. You’ll see something like this if you’ve installed the Dealgogogo Chrome extension.

Dealgogogo gives backpacks discounts


Choose one backpack and you’ll see this in the product page.

Product page of the backpack shows discount


All you have to do is to click the “add item into Amazon cart” on the pop-out window and save 30%, which is $9.00 on the purchase.

Dealgogogo also finds similar products that offer attractive discounts.

Dealgogogo finds similar products

To achieve all these, all you have to do is to click here and download the Chrome extension. Takes you about 2 seconds to automatize couponing.



The benefits of automatizing your couponing undertakings are obvious. After all, who doesn’t want to save time as well as money when it comes to shopping on Amazon?

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