What is the best coupon site to find Amazon coupons?

Those of you who shop on Amazon on a year-around basis will know that coupons make a huge difference to budget management, enabling you to save hundreds of dollars if used properly and strategically. A perennial complication for consumer is finding coupons—the right coupons.

There are many sites such as mydallasmommy and thekrazycouponlady that post coupons and promo codes every day, but the problem with them is that those sites are relatively small in size and therefore seriously limited in resources, and their lack of connections with Amazon sellers further makes the origin and value of their coupons dubious. That’s why although those smaller sites flourish by hundreds and their aggregate traffic and Facebook fans count by millions, most people choose the large, specialized, and commercial coupon sites such as Groupon, Retailmenot, Honey, Dealgogogo, and Slickdeals for Amazon Coupons.



Groupon is probably the largest coupon site on the internet, ranking first place both in terms of traffic and on Google SERP for multiple keywords.

Groupon Ranking

Groupon Traffic


Its 62.71 million visits per month alone testifies the popularity of this colossal coupon site, and the hundreds of thousands of deals on Groupon justifies its universally established fame. Now you are wondering if you can make Groupon the one-stop solution to your Amazon coupon struggles. Wait a bit, let’s see what Groupon really offers before making that decision.

Search “Amazon Coupons” in Google and, as expected, Groupon comes on the top.

Groupon SERP for keyword "Amazon coupons"


Click on Groupon and you will be brought to this page.

Amazon coupons page on Groupon


You’ll see lots of coupons when you scroll down as the layout produces an impressive visual effect. You will see on the left that there are 220 coupons available, of which 36 are verified. Let’s click on one of these and see if it works. Click on the first coupon code, and you will be brought to…

Amazon coupons page


Yes, you are brought to the coupon page on Amazon.com. This is quite unexpected because Amazon sellers don’t post their best coupons on Amazon.com. Their most premium coupon codes are always reserved for established coupon sites such as Dealgogogo and Slickdeals who would then spend heavily to promote their deals.

I don’t want to be mistaken here. I have no wish to deny Groupon’s excellence—it is the largest and probably the best coupon site, per se. But when it comes to Amazon coupons, its deficiency is obvious. Essentially Groupon does not have a section for Amazon coupons. It would have been easier if people just look for coupons on Amazon.



Ranking number 5 in the coupon industry according to Similarweb.com, Retailmenot attracts about half the number of visitors Groupon enjoys at 32.95 million per month.

Retailmenot Ranking

Retailmenot Traffic

Its SEPR ranking is stable at top 5 when you search “Amazon coupons”

Retailmenot SERP Ranking for keyword "Amazon coupons"


Click on the link and you’ll be brought to this page.

Amazon coupons page on Retailmenot


Similar layout with that of Groupon. And we see that there are 50 offers available, less than a quarter of what Groupon offers. Again, click on the top offer and you are brought to…

Amazon coupons page


That’s right, the same is happening. You are brought to a coupon page on Amazon.com. It would be better if you come to Amazon for coupons instead of going through all the fuss on Retailmenot. Its success on other quarters such as Nearby Deals and its ultra-rich blog contents is ineffaceable, but its want of a solid Amazon coupon database is equally undeniable.



Honey ranks well for the keyword “Amazon coupons”, considering its traffic of 14.10 million per month compared with the other two giants. Not exactly impressive, but due to its extensive advertisement bombardment and strategic PR buildup, Honey has achieved extreme popularity and enjoys unwavering loyalty.

Honey Traffic


Now we visit Honey.

Amazon coupons page on Honey


Click “Get Coupons” and here is something interesting. While the original page directs to Amazon homepage, a new page actually shows all the coupon codes which you can copy and apply by pasting them at checkout.

Amazon coupons revealed on Honey


I copied one coupon code and wished to apply it at checkout for one item in my cart. I pasted the code in the slot.

Checkout page on Amazon


But it didn’t work. I then tried other coupon codes from Honey and none of them worked. I know this is because there are no coupon codes that are valid across Amazon as each vendor issues their own. Honey apparently did not acquire these codes from Amazon sellers, who would no doubt require brand exposure, which will make this claim of “universal codes” practically impossible.

Where Honey’s strength lays is its browser extension, which boasts of more than 8 million users and covers more than 2000 stores. It also offers price comparison and price tracking services, both of which are cutting-edge functions in the coupon industry. The pinnacle of Honey’s success is that it incorporated all these in one browser extension. But when it comes to Amazon coupons, one can only lament Honey’s ineptitude.

Honey chrome extension



I don’t think many of you have heard of this new baby. Unlike the other coupon sites, Dealgogogo is specifically and exclusively dedicated to Amazon coupons. Even though it does not appear on the first page of Google SERP, you’ll probably be surprised by the number of Amazon coupons available there.

Dealgogogo website homepage


An infinite scroll down allows you a glimpse of the vast collection of Amazon coupons on Dealgogogo. You can browse by categories, or apply filters to check the lowest price or the highest discount.

Dealgogogo website homepage filter function


What makes Dealgogogo really unique, apart from the number of Amazon coupons it offers, is that every single one of the coupon codes are directly from Amazon sellers. This means that these coupon codes would actually work.

Like Honey, Dealgogogo also has its browser extension, but is more specific since it’s currently compactable only with Chrome and offers only Amazon coupons. What you need to do is to install the extension to your Chrome, sign up, and then shop like usual. Check how some major coupon bloggers are saying about Dealgogogo below!








However, let’s see for ourselves whether Dealgogogo really is what it says it is.

Say you want to buy a pair of Yoga leggings, and you want to buy it cheap. You go to Amazon and find this pair of Yoga leggings.

Yoga leggings on Amazon with two coupon aggregators installed



Here if you install both Dealgogogo and Honey, you will see their respective status bars right below the 5 star rating area. Right now they are both telling you to choose a size for your Yoga leggings.

Say you choose medium.

Dealgogogo shows 59% saved while Honey shows none for this Yoga leggings


Now Honey tells you that this is the best deal, which means you’ll have to pay the full price as listed. And Dealgogogo tells you that you can save 59% on this. This stark contrast is due to the different sources where Dealgogogo and Honey acquire their Amazon coupons. As have been mentioned earlier, Dealgogogo gets all its coupons from Amazon sellers directly, while Honey does not invest in this area as heavily as it does in the others. The rational consequence of this is that Dealgogogo has far more Amazon coupons than Honey does, and what’s more, these coupons will work!

Dealgogogo, like all other coupon sites, has its shortcomings too. It’s fairly new, and in consequence its effort to reach out to prominent Amazon sellers may yet to produce the desired results. That’s why you’ll find lots of Amazon deals through Dealgogogo, but very few of them are from reputable and resourceful vendors.



Here is the number 2 in the coupon industry.

Slickdeals ranking

Slickdeals traffic

Slickdeals surpasses Groupon in terms of traffic, even though its ranking for the keyword “Amazon coupons” consistently lags behind the three major players: Groupon, Retailmenot, and Honey.

Visit the Homepage and you’ll find Slickdeals has deals from a wide range of merchants across the web. Some posts are sponsored by the merchant while most deals are contributed by its deal editors.

Slickdeals homepage


It is likely that you’ll see dozens of comments if not hundreds for each deal, which more than adequately proves that the deal is solid.

Slickdeals product page with lots of comments


Compared with the three major players mentioned above, Slickdeals enjoys clear advantage in terms of both the quantity and the quality of Amazon deals. Compared with Dealgogogo, this advantage is not so distinct since Dealgogogo too, has a vast collection of deals. Furthermore, the insufficiency of personal relationships with Amazon sellers makes the deals on Slickdeals less attractive in terms of value, and the tedious plough-through you have to work in order to find just the deal you want often neutralizes the benefits of saving money on deals.



If you are buying things from sources other than Amazon, I’d recommend you to visit Groupon, Retailmenot, Honey, or Slickdeals. I am sure with time, you will find the deals you want. But if you are shopping specifically on Amazon, I’d recommend you to install the Dealgogogo Chrome extension and exploit its benefits fully, considering its superiority against the other four when it comes to Amazon coupons as expounded above.

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