The ultimate guide to understanding different types of deals on Amazon

I believe many of you have, one time or another, been confused over all these different “deals” on Amazon. There are Today’s Deals, Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, Savings and Sales, Coupons, and Prime Early Access Deals, all offering deals and often overlapping. But all deals are not the same and to know which is which could be crucial to purchase decision when you want to make the most of a deal. In this post I will make a thorough exploration of the different types of deals on Amazon and try to explain benefits and disadvantages of each, and recommend what are the best occasions for using a specific type of deal.


Today’s Deals

The Today’s Deals page is the most frequented page on Amazon and its traffic counts by millions.  It posts tens of thousands of fresh deals everyday and consumers flock to it because they find great deals and bargains regardless of whether they are looking for items for themselves or their family and friends. Amazon claims to have everything you need and Today’s Deals is where it keeps the promise true.

Visit the Amazon homepage and you’ll find a row of tabs at the top with Today’s Deals right in the middle.

Today's Deals

Click on it and you’ll be brought to this page.

Amazon Today's Deals


You are able opt for the categories of your choice in section 1 as demonstrated in the screenshot above.

In section 2, you’ll see different types of deals listed, which will be expounded accordingly.

In section 3 Amazon offers tracking and alert services which allow you to save the deals you are interested in for later purchase, and have access to their daily deals database by opting in their email subscription. This way you keep track of your favorites and get to know what deals are available for the day through email, which in many cases is more convenient than having to log in to Amazon.

In section 4 you sort the deals by different metrics such as descending/ascending price/discount.

Now we know that Today’s Deals is the aggregate of Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, Savings and Sales, and Amazon Coupons, let’s look into each of them and unveil the confusion hung upon their distinctions.


Deals of the Day

Deals of the Day are a single item or small set of closely related items that is discounted for one day only.

Amazon Deal's of the Day


You will see the current price, the original price, and the discount for each item listed on this page.

You may also filter the deals by availability, as demonstrated in the above screenshot.

You will see a countdown of the remaining time for the deal if the deal is active. The earlier you claim a deal, the more likely you’ll get it. If you check the “upcoming” box you’ll see deals that are expected to be instated in the future. Usually before important events such as the Prime Day, vendors will put up deals ahead of time to attract consumers and inform them of what is to come.

You can also see what deals you have missed by checking the “Missed” box.

Amazon Deals of the Day-Missed Deals


You will see a line that says “Deal has ended” at the bottom of each list. Don’t worry though, you can always add what you’ve missed to your watch list and check if they are active again.


Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are when a single item is paired with limited-time extra-saving coupons. You will see a countdown timer indicating how long the promotion will stay active, and a progress bar telling you what percentages of deals have been claimed. The deal is available for the time period stated or until all coupons are used.

Amazon Lightning Deals


Comparing Lighting Deals with Deals of Day, we will find that although Deals of the Day lasts longer (usually 24 hours), its deficiency in both the quantity and discount scale of the deals fetters it to that of secondary popularity. The sheer number and scale of deals on the Lightning Deal’s page justifies its acclaim. Because of their scarcity, oftentimes there are waiting lists for the most popular items participating in a Lighting Deal.

Here again you can filter the deals by availability. You will learn when a promotion will be in effect by checking the “Upcoming” box. If you have Prime Membership, you get early access to the deal. But even if you are not a Prime member, the rule of “first come, first served” will fail you even in this case.

Amazon Lightning Deals explained


Savings and Sales

Savings and Sales are a selection of discounted items and ongoing promotions form across There is no time limit as in the case of both Deals of the Day and Lightning Deals. A promotion is active for as long as the vendor wishes or as inventory remains undepleted.

Amazon Savings and Sales


Those are usually deals of moderate discounts and often stay active for a number of days.



When you click “Coupons” on the sidebar, you are brought to this page.

Amazon Coupons


Those are single-use coupons that you “clip” and you may apply once only to the stated item. You may enjoy a discount, or have a certain amount of money off.

This might impress you as a very large coupon database. Large indeed it is, but not so convenient when you wish to find a coupon for your purchased item. You will have to scroll down the pages to find that specific coupon amidst hundred others for your specific item, and the benefit you get may not justify the time spent on it at all. This is when coupon aggregators like Dealgogogo come and save the day. To access millions of coupons, all you have to do is to install a free Chrome extension and then shop like usual.

Click here to read more about Dealgogogo


Prime Early Access Deals

Prime Early Access Deals are upcoming Lightning Deals that grant early access to Prime members. You will have to register a Prime membership and pay $99 to enjoy the benefit.

Amazon Prime Early Access Deals


There are ways to enjoy Prime benefit without paying the full $99/year fee which is prohibitive to consumers who are not year-round Amazon customers. Learn more about how to enjoy Prime benefits for free here!

I hope you are better acquainted with the different types of Amazon deals now and will be able to decide which type to with accord to your preference and requirement of situations. Enjoy Amazon now!

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