Comprehensive: Where are the best places to find coupons?

For those of you who are heavily involved in couponing like I am, chances are that you’ve heard of, tried personally, and diligently searched for lots and lots of ways of places to get coupons. Practice makes experts. You might be able to recite the names of 10 coupon websites and 15 coupon blogs plus 20 Facebook Deals groups you are in, but how likely is it that you know everything about coupons? Not much. But thanks to the age of cyberspace, now we can search for and compile tons of resources from every corner on the Internet that has been indexed. I did some research and put together in this collection some of the best places to get coupons. Take a look and find out what you’ve already tried and what you are hearing of for the first time.


Coupon Websites

This is probably where any newcomers to couponing will head to in the beginning. Why? Search “Amazon coupons” on Google and you will see this.

Google SERP results for "Amazon coupons"


That’s right. The world’s largest search engine is referring you to these coupon websites. If you scroll down, or if you search for more specific terms such as “Coupons for something”, you will see many other prominent coupon websites on the first page of SERP. Notable of these are:

Groupon, Retailmenot, Honey, Slickdeals, Coupon Cabin, Bradsdeals, Coupondunia, Ebates,, hip2save, Dealgogogo, Xtreamdeals, and Freendeals.


To see how some of these coupon websites differ, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them concerning Amazon coupons, read my other article: What is the best coupon site to find Amazon coupons?



Deals & Coupon Blogs

Besides coupon websites, another good place to find coupons is coupon blogs. Some of these blogs are part of the affiliate programs with multiples stores from which they post deals. They have their deals organized by stores so if you are a regular visitor to a blog you can quickly navigate to your destination and have better chances of finding what you want.

For example, you will find the KLC has their deals organized by the stores they are affiliated with.

Deals organized by stores on KLC


Some blogs post printable coupons from major stores too and you can clip coupons from the stores you like.

Others scrape deals from across the Internet and have a mixed collection of deals from various sources.

Deals page on a coupon blog


And in the same way, are their printable coupons organized.

Coupon database on a coupon site


Quite a mess isn’t it?

I would recommend going to blogs that are in some sort of affiliate programs for deals and coupons. They have 2 distinct advantages: You are more likely to find the deals and coupons you want because of easier navigation, and the coupons you find are more likely to be valid because their sources are credible. KLC would be a good pick. Just in case you want to explore more, here is a list that I made which mentions some of the best Deals & Coupons blogs.



Facebook Deals Groups

If you don’t want to spend tons of time sitting before a computer and jumping between all those coupon websites and blogs to look for just the right coupon and deal for you, then a Facebook Deals group may be the right thing for you. Being mobile gives Facebook a clear advantage over traditional blogs which are mostly not mobile-friendly.

Search “coupons” or “deals” on Facebook and you’ll find more groups than you might want to follow.

Result page on Facebook when you search coupon groups


Some groups are public, while other groups are private where you have to ask for permission in order to join. These private groups almost always accept your requests though. You’ll also be able to see how large a group is. The larger a group is, the more deals are posted every day and more frequently, but it also means that more people will be competing for the same codes. In contrary, smaller groups post fewer deals which are competed for by fewer people. One thing to keep in mind is, smaller groups often offer more attractive and thus more effective incentives during the stage of growth when they want as many people in their groups as possible.

In line with what has been said, I would recommend you join more than one group. To have both large and small groups on your list helps you take advantage of the vast number of deals in large groups as well as the more attractive offers in smaller groups.

I am currently in 1 large group of 25K members, and 3 smaller groups of 3-5K members. The large group, XtremeDeals posts about 100 deals a day so at any time I come to Facebook there are fresh deals to be grabbed. The three smaller groups I am in, Deals Qpon, FND Deals and More, and Powerhouse Deals post about 20 deals a day each and I sometimes turn on notification for one of them from which I recently got great deals in order to not miss a deal.

Couponing by joining a Facebook Deals group could be so much more fun than looking for coupons and deals on coupon sites and blogs because you are on Facebook! Many people are on Facebook 15 hours a day, and if you can get deals without having to leave Facebook, why, it’ll be like socializing.


Coupon Aggregators

What if you don’t want to spend the time to look for deals and coupons at all, not even on Facebook? What if you want deals and coupons to come for you? Well, I’m glad to tell you now this is possible. There are some coupon aggregators that, if you install their browser extensions, will do the hard work of finding coupons for you and all you have to do is to shop on the websites you like as usual—the coupon codes will be automatically applied at checkout. Notable among those are two browser extensions: Honey and Dealgogogo.

Honey finds coupons from thousands of stores for you, including Spigen, Gap, and Papa John’s, among many other well-known brands. It currently has more than 8 million users.

Amazon Coupon found for wireless charger

Honey applied Amazon coupons


To see how Honey works, read this post I wrote: Honey review: Does the coupon aggregator work?

You will see in the above post that Honey doesn’t work very well on Amazon, and this is where Dealgogogo comes into play and does an excellent job.


As you will see in the first post that I shared: What Is the Best Coupon Site to Find Amazon Coupons, Dealgogogo is specifically and exclusively dedicated to Amazon coupons. Dealgogogo gets its 400,000 coupon codes directly from Amazon sellers, and this means that these coupon codes would actually work, and are often of the highest quality. To know why this is the case, read this post that I wrote: Dealgogogo Chrome Extension: The One Coupon to End All Amazon Coupons.

Dealgogogo saved 90% on this headlamp flashlight on Amazon

Dealgogogo shows that you can save 90% on this headlamp flashlight on Amazon


As you can see, Dealgogogo saved 90% on this LED headlamp flashlight while Honey says this is the best deal. Indeed the best Amazon coupons are coming to you with Dealgogogo!



Out of so many ways and places to find coupons, I’m sure you’ll find one or more that suit you the best. But keep in mind that as Internet behaviors keep evolving, new ways of getting coupons are going to flourish. We all have to stay tuned to the latest trends in order to not be left behind in this never-ending race of coupon searching.







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