18 Best Ways to Save Money on Amazon

Amazon is undisputedly the world’s largest and most popular online shopping site where you’ll find literally everything you need. Apart from using Amazon coupons or promo codes, there are other means by which you can save money when shopping at this online retailer. Below are some of the best proved ways to save money on Amazon.


 1. “Subscribe & Save” on your regular purchases

You can set up regularly scheduled deliveries and earn savings with Subscribe & Save to get discounts on thousands of everyday products. You will get free-shipping as well as enjoying up to 15% discount on your entire order. Subscribe & Save Now!

Save money on Amazon-Subscribe&Save


2. Don’t check out right away

This works if you are not in a hurry. Add the items you wish to buy in your cart and wait a few days. Usually Amazon will remind you about the left items in your cart and sometimes they will give you additional Amazon coupons to encourage checkout. Though not always guaranteed, it’s been known to have worked.


3. Use a coupon aggregator

Coupon aggregator plug-ins like Dealgogogo will automatically find Amazon coupons for you and apply them at check out. Its price-comparison feature finds you the best deal on any product you browse. Install Dealgogogo browser extension for free now and save money on Amazon!

Amazon coupons-Dealgogogo


 4.  Get deals on kid and baby stuff with Amazon Family

Amazon Prime members are eligible to have free access to the Amazon Family Program which offers great deals on baby registry items and essentials such as diapers, wipes and other gears. You will never want to get back to Walmart once the 20% discount arrives home!


5. Sign up and then cancel your free trial of Amazon prime

Sounds a bit trick but many who are reluctant to pay the $99 annual fee have enjoyed the free two-day shipping and all other benefits by signing up for a 30-day, free Amazon Prime trial. Just remember to cancel it before the trial ends.

Save money on Amazon-Free Prime


6. Choose no-rush shipping, and get shopping credits

Amazon offers shopping credits and other discount benefits, such as coupons and codes to Prime Members who choose free no-rush shipping instead of the default free two-day shipping service. Sacrifice speed for money is not a bad decision when your order is not under urgent request for immediate delivery.


7. Share your Amazon Prime benefits

Share your Amazon Prime benefits with another adult family member by linking your accounts in an Amazon Household and agree to share payment methods. Many of the Prime benefits will be shared with no additional costs.

Save money on Amazon-Amazon Household


8. Check out Amazon’s “Today’s Deals”

You can find “Today’s Deals ” which typically offers “Deal of the Day,” “Lightning Deals” and other limited-time offers at the top of most Amazon pages. By clicking “watch this deal” you can track deals and decide the best time to place your order. The limited quantity of Amazon coupons for Lightning Deals run out very fast— which is probably how program gets its name—so act quickly when you see a great deal!


9. Take advantage of cheap add-on items

The Add-on program allows you to purchase thousands of low-prices items that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. You will have to hit the threshold of $25 (gift cards excluded) to get these deals.

Save money on Amazon-Add on


 10. Pay for Prime for only part of the year

An annual fee of $99 for the Prime subscription may be prohibitive for most people who don’t shop on Amazon all year round. The Prime by the month program($10.99) which offers the same free two-day shipping service and Amazon coupon benefits allows you to become a member only for key periods, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons. Remember to cancel the membership after your subscribed month.


11. Trade in your old stuff for Amazon gift cards

You will get gift cards from Amazon when you trade items such as tablets, phones, DVDs, CDs, books and video games through its Trade-In program. You won’t get actual cash, but an Amazon gift card is the next best thing considering you can buy almost anything with it–even better than Amazon coupons because of their many requirements for utilization.

Save money on Amazon-Trade in


12. Shop Warehouse deals

Amazon Warehouse usually features open-box items such as TVs, tablets, laptops, and home goods, that have been returned, used, damaged in a warehouse or refurbished. If you are not too peculiar about product conditions, this could be a way to save tons of money.


 13. Time your purchase right

Amazon usually offers great deals during big sales events (Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday), and so you’ll save 20% or more by waiting buying Amazon Kindles or Echos and literally just everything else (discounts may vary though) then. You may also use CamelCamelCamel to track the pricing history of items and receive price-drop alerts according to your predefined threshold.

Save money on Amazon-Right time


14. Use the Amazon Store Card to save 5% on everything

The Amazon Store Card knocks 5% off of every Amazon purchase you make everyday–works exactly like coupons!


15. Turn your loose change into Amazon credit

Bundle up your scattered loose change and stream it in a Coinstar kiosk. Why let your loose change sit and disappear if you can exchange it for an Amazon gift card?

Save money on Amazon-Amazon Cash


16. Shop the Amazon Outlet for deep discounts

Amazon places offers prices on markdowns and overstocks in its Outlet store where you’ll find items such as electronics, accessories, clothing, kitchen gadgets, and more all year round. This is the right place for bargain hunters!


17. Get your money back for missed delivery dates

If you are an Amazon Prime member and your order doesn’t arrive on time, you will get a on-month extension of your membership for free. If you don’t have Prime, you will be refunded the shipping cost if your order arrives late.


18. Earn Free Amazon gift cards

Gift card is the next best thing to actual cash when you buy on Amazon, and learning to earn free Amazon gift cards offers no-brainer advantage as opposed to buying one–it’s free money, isn’t it?

Save money on Amazon-Gift Cards

There are many proved ways to earn free gift cards, e.g., answering surveys through American Consumer Opinion, submitting your receipts to Ibotta, or taking surveys at Swagbucks… Read more about earning free gift cards at simple ways to earn free amazon gift cards or how to earn free amazon gift cards .


P.S. Amazon.com doesn’t offer price matching anymore.

Amazon used to offer price matching policy for TVs and promised to refund you on an Amazon gift card if you purchased a TV on Amazon but within 30 days noticed another retailer is selling the same item at a lower price or if Amazon lowers its own price within 30 days. Sadly that’s not the case anymore.

Even though Amazon has made it much harder to save with coupons and such, and its policy are becoming increasing less friendly than other shopping sites, it remains unshaken the largest and the most popular. And fortunately for us there are many ways as listed above to save money on Amazon–Come and try them out!

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